Snapchat, despite seeming like the sort of fad that would come and go like a leaf on the wind, is proving it has staying power as a social media platform. While many of the rules of social media etiquette still apply to Snapchat, if you want to increase your followers on the site, then it pays to check out these tips for extending your reach.

5 Ways to Gain Followers on Snapchat

Method #1: Put Your Snaphandle Everywhere You Can

The first key to getting more followers is for people to know who you are, and how they can find you. That means putting your Snapchat handle (Snaphandle for short) everywhere you can think of. It should be on your business cards, on your YouTube channel closer, prominently featured in your other social media profiles, mentioned on your blog, and even in your email signature. You cannot put it in too many different places, if you really want potential followers to see it, and to follow you.

Method #2: Intrigue Viewers

A picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures are primarily what people come to Snapchat looking for. So, if you’re going to post up your Snapchat code, make sure you include a description of the sort of content your viewers are going to see. And not just a garden-variety text block, either. Make it intriguing, and unique. Don’t just tell people you put up calming photos of nature. Tell them you’re a natural treasure hunter, and that you share the bounty you find with your followers. It’s all in how you present yourself, your content, and your page that will get people to click-through to find out what you’re doing. While not everyone will stay after that initial glance, getting people through the door (so to speak) is key to adding more followers.

Method #3: Build Your Tension When it Comes to Stories

If you’ve got a big story coming, don’t just dump it all out and hope people pick up on it. Do a little lead-up. That cliffhanger can make people wonder what’s coming, and oftentimes they’ll become your followers just to make sure they’re not out of the loop. If your story is good, and it comes with all the impact and gravitas that your lead-up would make people expect, then it’s likely some of those short-term followers you made will stick around to see what else you do.

Method #4: Encourage Engagement

Social media isn’t a billboard for you to post on, and hope for the best. Rather, it’s a forum for you to talk to your followers, and for your followers to talk back to you. So you need to give your followers specific instructions for how to engage with you. It might sound dictatorial, but people respond a lot better to specific instructions than they do to general requests.

Method #5: Embrace The Power of Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest websites on the Internet in terms of traffic and attendance. Not only that, but it has a subreddit specifically geared toward Snapchat. If you post there as little as once a week, you will begin to grow a reputation/following among the regulars. And that can be a big benefit for you, especially if you’re trying to get your message out to the biggest possible audience you can reach, in hopes of attracting some lifelong followers.

These are, of course, just some of the most basic methods you can use to attract followers to your Snapchat. If you’re looking for additional ways to get people to check out your page, and become regular followers, then all you have to do is contact us today!