Snapchat has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with titans like Twitter and Facebook. Success on Snapchat isn’t just about taking good photos, or shooting engaging video. If you want to build a following, then you need to add some spice to your account. If you’ve been struggling for a way to stand out from the crowd, though, the following list should help you get noticed.

8 Snapchat Content Ideas

#1: The 10-Second Interview

Snapchat is all about quick flashes of photos and video, which doesn’t sound like it would lend itself to interviews. However, flash interviews can be quite engaging, since they demand small chunks of your audience’s time. Simply get the person you’re interviewing, set up the necessary information in the tagline about who they are, and the question you’re asking, and give them 10 seconds to give an answer. It’s rapid-fire, bookended by an introduction, and a thank you. The more famous the person you’re interviewing, the more likely you are to draw attention.

#2: Pull Back The Curtain

Big reveals are a common way to drum up interest online, and Snapchat is no different. Whether you’re showing a new product, doing an unboxing, sharing your newly completed painting, or something else entirely, people love being the first ones to see something. If it’s possible to make this a regular event, you should, but if you can’t keep a schedule, give your audience a little warning first. That way folks will be tuning in, and paying attention.

#3: Use A Geofilter

Snapchat is big, but its members sprawl all over the globe. That’s why, if you’re having an event, you should consider a geofilter. These can be either personal or business-related, and they have to conform to certain size guidelines. They’re great for focusing your message, though, and making sure it lands right where you want it to.

#4: Cross-Promote

If you have a Snapchat following, then you’re probably wondering how to get them to check out the other things you do. Careful cross-promotion can expose your audience to your other endeavors, and get them to become more complete followers. Tell your followers about your other social media platforms, or your book, or your Etsy store, or whatever else it is you do in order to intrigue them, and to get them to go have a look. Keep your message on-target, don’t bombard your followers with promo, and above all else, make your cross-promotional content just as interesting as everything else.

#5: Have A Question and Answer Day

If you have a following, there are people out there who want to ask you questions. Give your followers the opportunity to ask you your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, then come up with a clever way of stating them. If you can turn a phrase in a few seconds, and shoot out answers to questions across the day, then you’ll entertain your followers, and probably get a lot more questions for your next Q&A day.

#6: Give Some Tips

Everyone loves tips. If you have a particular skill set, don’t be afraid to let it shine. Even better, if you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can use your quick tip on Snapchat as an entry point to get interested followers to click-through to a longer, more detailed explanation on your other platforms.

#7: Host A Takeover

A takeover is when you hand the reins to someone else for a while, and let them run wild with your Snapchat. Ideally, you’d hand it over to someone who is engaging, and who has followers of their own. This is like a Snapchat guest post; you’re combining followings in the hope that both of you see growth.

#8: Offer an Exclusive Look

Whether you’re making a movie, or working behind the scenes on a play, people love exclusive looks. If you promise someone a look at a project you’re working on, and they feel like they’re getting special treatment, then they’re more likely to watch. Even more important, they’re more likely to tell their friends to watch, too.

These are, of course, just a few ways for you to keep your content varied and interesting on Snapchat. If you’re looking for more ways to pull ahead on this particular social media platform, though, then contact us today!