Snapchat is still relatively new and evolving. Nevertheless, it’s one of the social media platforms you want to make sure you establish your business on and use frequently. Of course, you don’t want to Snapchat with yourself, so here’s how to gain followers on Snapchat.

Advertise Your Snapchat Everywhere

Make sure you include your Snapchat in your email signature and on all your social media bios. When someone goes to your pages, they should find your Snapchat quickly and easily. In other words, make sure you don’t hide it and you add your precise information. This is important because people won’t go out of their way to search for it.

Customize Your Snapchat

Don’t forget to fill in and complete your entire Snapchat bio. This includes adding an engaging picture of yourself or something representative of your brand. Change up the code’s color too. Make it look really colorful and engaging.

Share Your Snapchat on Other Social Media Platforms

You never want to just post your code by itself. Instead, make sure you tell people what type of content your followers should expect to find on your Snapchat feed.

Tell Your Customers What to Snapchat You

Regardless of what platform someone finds your brand on, they should read something by you telling them to Snapchat you. Use a code word in this directive so that when they Snapchat you, they tell you this word (e.g. poo) and you can then track your engagement on these various platforms. The trick here lies in using a different code word for each social media platform so it’s easy for you to track.

Announce an Upcoming Snapchat Story

Let your audience know the day before you launch a major story. By building some tension and letting them know a major story is coming, people will want to pay closer attention to see what you’re about to say. When you finally announce your story, keep it short. Not only does no one want to sit through a 5 minute story, but Snapchat is also known for eating data. This is also why you’ll want to pre-load stories that are between a minute or two long on your cell phone so you can quickly upload them.

Advertise Snapchat on Facebook

Create an interesting ad with either your Snapcode or your Snapchat URL ( in it. This ties into telling your customers what to Snapchat you so you know precisely where they found your Snapchat information. By doing so, you know what marketing channels are actually working for your Snapchat. BUT you should also include a well written description and/or video that SHOWS the benefit of your Snapstories. You can also target your advertising so if you are into cooking or fashion or tech, you can ONLY have those people on Facebook who are interested in those areas see you ad.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Pay someone on Snapchat or Instagram to give you a shout out to their followers. If you can’t afford this, then barter for this kind of shout out. Sometimes what works well is simply offering to give them a shout out on another social media platform where you have a substantial following and they need more followers.

You can also find other snapchatters at your “Level” of followers who snap about complimentary topics to yours and do shout outs to each other. Futhermore, you can enage in Snapchat “Take Overs” and literally snap from other snapchatters accounts.

Create Good Snapchat Emotionally Engaging CONTENT

Make sure you create good content, which means it’s either funny, emotional or informative. Your goal is to make your viewer react audibly to whatever you Snapchat. This is important because, more than likely, they’re not alone in the room when they receive your Snapchat. As such, the other person will want to know what’s going on. This will result in them adding you to their Snapchat too, thus you’ve just received yet another follower without hardly any work. If this isn’t great news, what is?

While these ideas will help get you going on Snapchat, you probably still need some help. If this is true for your business, make sure you contact us. We’re here to help!