8 Ways To Gain Followers On Snapchat

Snapchat is still relatively new and evolving. Nevertheless, it’s one of the social media platforms you want to make sure you establish your business on and use frequently. Of course, you don’t want to Snapchat with yourself, so here’s how to gain followers on Snapchat.

Advertise Your Snapchat Everywhere

Make sure you include your Snapchat in your email signature and on all your social media bios. When someone goes to your pages, they should find your Snapchat quickly and easily. In other words, make sure you don’t hide it and you add your precise information. This is important because people won’t go out of their way to search for it.

Customize Your Snapchat

Don’t forget to fill in and complete your entire Snapchat bio. This includes adding an engaging picture of yourself or something representative of your brand. Change up the code’s color too. Make it look really colorful and engaging.

Share Your Snapchat on Other Social Media Platforms

You never want to just post your code by itself. Instead, make sure you tell people what type of content your followers should expect to find on your Snapchat feed.

Tell Your Customers What to Snapchat You

Regardless of what platform someone finds your brand on, they should read something by you telling them to Snapchat you. Use a code word in this directive so that when they Snapchat you, they tell you this word (e.g. poo) and you can then track your engagement on these various platforms. The trick here lies in using a different code word for each social media platform so it’s easy for you to track.

Announce an Upcoming Snapchat Story

Let your audience know the day before you launch a major story. By building some tension and letting them know a major story is coming, people will want to pay closer attention to see what you’re about to say. When you finally announce your story, keep it short. Not only does no one want to sit through a 5 minute story, but Snapchat is also known for eating data. This is also why you’ll want to pre-load stories that are between a minute or two long on your cell phone so you can quickly upload them.

Advertise Snapchat on Facebook

Create an interesting ad with either your Snapcode or your Snapchat URL (https://www.snapchat.com/add/yourusername) in it. This ties into telling your customers what to Snapchat you so you know precisely where they found your Snapchat information. By doing so, you know what marketing channels are actually working for your Snapchat. BUT you should also include a well written description and/or video that SHOWS the benefit of your Snapstories. You can also target your advertising so if you are into cooking or fashion or tech, you can ONLY have those people on Facebook who are interested in those areas see you ad.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Pay someone on Snapchat or Instagram to give you a shout out to their followers. If you can’t afford this, then barter for this kind of shout out. Sometimes what works well is simply offering to give them a shout out on another social media platform where you have a substantial following and they need more followers.

You can also find other snapchatters at your “Level” of followers who snap about complimentary topics to yours and do shout outs to each other. Futhermore, you can enage in Snapchat “Take Overs” and literally snap from other snapchatters accounts.

Create Good Snapchat Emotionally Engaging CONTENT

Make sure you create good content, which means it’s either funny, emotional or informative. Your goal is to make your viewer react audibly to whatever you Snapchat. This is important because, more than likely, they’re not alone in the room when they receive your Snapchat. As such, the other person will want to know what’s going on. This will result in them adding you to their Snapchat too, thus you’ve just received yet another follower without hardly any work. If this isn’t great news, what is?

While these ideas will help get you going on Snapchat, you probably still need some help. If this is true for your business, make sure you contact us. We’re here to help!

8 Snapchat Content Ideas

Snapchat has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with titans like Twitter and Facebook. Success on Snapchat isn’t just about taking good photos, or shooting engaging video. If you want to build a following, then you need to add some spice to your account. If you’ve been struggling for a way to stand out from the crowd, though, the following list should help you get noticed.

8 Snapchat Content Ideas

#1: The 10-Second Interview

Snapchat is all about quick flashes of photos and video, which doesn’t sound like it would lend itself to interviews. However, flash interviews can be quite engaging, since they demand small chunks of your audience’s time. Simply get the person you’re interviewing, set up the necessary information in the tagline about who they are, and the question you’re asking, and give them 10 seconds to give an answer. It’s rapid-fire, bookended by an introduction, and a thank you. The more famous the person you’re interviewing, the more likely you are to draw attention.

#2: Pull Back The Curtain

Big reveals are a common way to drum up interest online, and Snapchat is no different. Whether you’re showing a new product, doing an unboxing, sharing your newly completed painting, or something else entirely, people love being the first ones to see something. If it’s possible to make this a regular event, you should, but if you can’t keep a schedule, give your audience a little warning first. That way folks will be tuning in, and paying attention.

#3: Use A Geofilter

Snapchat is big, but its members sprawl all over the globe. That’s why, if you’re having an event, you should consider a geofilter. These can be either personal or business-related, and they have to conform to certain size guidelines. They’re great for focusing your message, though, and making sure it lands right where you want it to.

#4: Cross-Promote

If you have a Snapchat following, then you’re probably wondering how to get them to check out the other things you do. Careful cross-promotion can expose your audience to your other endeavors, and get them to become more complete followers. Tell your followers about your other social media platforms, or your book, or your Etsy store, or whatever else it is you do in order to intrigue them, and to get them to go have a look. Keep your message on-target, don’t bombard your followers with promo, and above all else, make your cross-promotional content just as interesting as everything else.

#5: Have A Question and Answer Day

If you have a following, there are people out there who want to ask you questions. Give your followers the opportunity to ask you your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, then come up with a clever way of stating them. If you can turn a phrase in a few seconds, and shoot out answers to questions across the day, then you’ll entertain your followers, and probably get a lot more questions for your next Q&A day.

#6: Give Some Tips

Everyone loves tips. If you have a particular skill set, don’t be afraid to let it shine. Even better, if you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can use your quick tip on Snapchat as an entry point to get interested followers to click-through to a longer, more detailed explanation on your other platforms.

#7: Host A Takeover

A takeover is when you hand the reins to someone else for a while, and let them run wild with your Snapchat. Ideally, you’d hand it over to someone who is engaging, and who has followers of their own. This is like a Snapchat guest post; you’re combining followings in the hope that both of you see growth.

#8: Offer an Exclusive Look

Whether you’re making a movie, or working behind the scenes on a play, people love exclusive looks. If you promise someone a look at a project you’re working on, and they feel like they’re getting special treatment, then they’re more likely to watch. Even more important, they’re more likely to tell their friends to watch, too.

These are, of course, just a few ways for you to keep your content varied and interesting on Snapchat. If you’re looking for more ways to pull ahead on this particular social media platform, though, then contact us today!

What Snapchatters Need to do to Monetize Their Following

What Snapchatters need to do to monetize their following

So, you’ve finally done it. You got onto Snapchat, and through a combination of dogged determination, an eye for detail, and being entertaining as hell, you’ve managed to put together a following. Maybe it’s a few thousand followers, or tens of thousands of them, but you want to take that following and turn it into an income stream. That’s easier said than done, since Snapchat as a social media platform isn’t geared toward making its users money. That doesn’t mean you can’t monetize it… you simply have to get creative with how you go about it.

What Snapchatters Need to do to Monetize Their Following

It would be great if all you had to do was send your pics and videos to your followers, and get ad views every time someone looked at your content. That isn’t how Snapchat works, though, and that’s not what the platform is about. So, making money on Snapchat itself isn’t really an option. What you need to do is think of it as the megaphone you’re using to get the word out to your following.

The easiest way to monetize your following, then, is to direct them toward another location where you do make money off your traffic. For example, say you have a YouTube channel. If you come out with a new video every week, you could take a sample of that video, and shoot it out to your Snapchat following. If they see it, and are intrigued, they might also follow you on YouTube. Even if they don’t follow, viewers who click-through will still give you traffic, and that will mean more ad revenue for you.

Perhaps you don’t have something like a blog or a video channel that makes you money, though. You’ve put all your effort into Snapchat, and that’s why you have a following. Well, you still have options for monetizing it.

For example, you could start a Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows people to become patrons of creators they like, just like in the old days. The difference is that, with Patreon, someone can give as much or as little as they can afford. So, for example, you might declare that every Friday’s video post is a paid post, while all your other posts are free. You would then ask your following to please fund and support you so you can keep shooting the pics and videos that they’ve come to expect from you.

Are There Other Solutions?

If you have a following, no matter what platform it’s on, there’s a way to monetize it. The question is what you’re willing to do, and how creative you’re willing to get, when it comes to your efforts to turn a buck?

For example, if you have a truly large following, you might be able to get a sponsor. A sponsor will pay you to create content that mentions them, because they know your audience will see your content, and that they trust you. By giving your recommendation, the sponsor buys good will from your following. The hope is that the good will may lead to purchases in the future. If you sell a product, whether it’s books, makeup, or something else entirely, you can leverage your Snapchat following by sending them short-term discounts, and giving them special offers so they’re more likely to buy from you, and to buy quickly.

There are all kinds of ways you can make money from a Snapchat following. Just remember not to lose sight of how you developed that following in the first place, and what they expect of you. For more information on how to monetize your Snapchat, simply contact us today!

5 Ways to Gain More Followers on Snapchat

Snapchat, despite seeming like the sort of fad that would come and go like a leaf on the wind, is proving it has staying power as a social media platform. While many of the rules of social media etiquette still apply to Snapchat, if you want to increase your followers on the site, then it pays to check out these tips for extending your reach.

5 Ways to Gain Followers on Snapchat

Method #1: Put Your Snaphandle Everywhere You Can

The first key to getting more followers is for people to know who you are, and how they can find you. That means putting your Snapchat handle (Snaphandle for short) everywhere you can think of. It should be on your business cards, on your YouTube channel closer, prominently featured in your other social media profiles, mentioned on your blog, and even in your email signature. You cannot put it in too many different places, if you really want potential followers to see it, and to follow you.

Method #2: Intrigue Viewers

A picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures are primarily what people come to Snapchat looking for. So, if you’re going to post up your Snapchat code, make sure you include a description of the sort of content your viewers are going to see. And not just a garden-variety text block, either. Make it intriguing, and unique. Don’t just tell people you put up calming photos of nature. Tell them you’re a natural treasure hunter, and that you share the bounty you find with your followers. It’s all in how you present yourself, your content, and your page that will get people to click-through to find out what you’re doing. While not everyone will stay after that initial glance, getting people through the door (so to speak) is key to adding more followers.

Method #3: Build Your Tension When it Comes to Stories

If you’ve got a big story coming, don’t just dump it all out and hope people pick up on it. Do a little lead-up. That cliffhanger can make people wonder what’s coming, and oftentimes they’ll become your followers just to make sure they’re not out of the loop. If your story is good, and it comes with all the impact and gravitas that your lead-up would make people expect, then it’s likely some of those short-term followers you made will stick around to see what else you do.

Method #4: Encourage Engagement

Social media isn’t a billboard for you to post on, and hope for the best. Rather, it’s a forum for you to talk to your followers, and for your followers to talk back to you. So you need to give your followers specific instructions for how to engage with you. It might sound dictatorial, but people respond a lot better to specific instructions than they do to general requests.

Method #5: Embrace The Power of Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest websites on the Internet in terms of traffic and attendance. Not only that, but it has a subreddit specifically geared toward Snapchat. If you post there as little as once a week, you will begin to grow a reputation/following among the regulars. And that can be a big benefit for you, especially if you’re trying to get your message out to the biggest possible audience you can reach, in hopes of attracting some lifelong followers.

These are, of course, just some of the most basic methods you can use to attract followers to your Snapchat. If you’re looking for additional ways to get people to check out your page, and become regular followers, then all you have to do is contact us today!

The King Of Snapchat Influencers: Lessons For Brands From The DJ Khaled Phenomenon

Top Influencers on Snapchat

When it comes to tracking visitor information and statistics, Snapchat is more opaque than other social media services. For example, unlike Youtube, you can’t see how many followers someone else has. So it’s hard to say who holds the overall Snapchat records for reaching certain statistical thresholds, but it’s very likely that producer/radio host DJ Khaled was the fastest to hit the double-digit millions of followers when he racked up 20 million in his first month on the platform in late 2015. As of right now, he’s at the top of the Snapchat world, with only reality TV sensation Kylie Jenner as a rival in sheer view count. And though he doesn’t have any known formal relationships as a Snapchat influencer with any brands, when he name-drops a product there’s a massive spike in sales.

Khaled was famous prior to his Snapchat debut, but he wasn’t a household name. He started his career as a radio DJ in Miami in the late 90s, making contact with rising stars of the time like Li’l Wayne and Birdman and helping them to get airplay. His musical debut was in 2006, and with only his second album he was drawing guest appearances from prominent rappers like Rick Ross and Akon. His first major hit, “”We Takin’ Over”, came from his second album and hit #28 on the Billboard 100 in 2007. While continuing his music career, he would also become the president of the Def Jam South label in 2009.

While he was certainly well-known among aficionados of rap and hip-hop, he gained much wider internet celebrity when he debuted on Snapchat with his “Keys to Success” series. These short videos follow a formula in which Khaled gives general life advice, sometimes comedic in nature, sometimes earnest. The rampant popularity of the formula may be a little baffling to some, but it has been a runaway hit with Millenials. A big key to DJ Khaled’s own success was that celebrities with much more clout than him (like Justin Bieber and Jay-Z) quickly took a shine to his videos and helped to spread them around to their own followers. Khaled thus quickly became something of a living meme, a life coach who dispenses bursts of sometimes nonsensical advice based on his everyday activities.

Many of Khaled’s snaps are simple; he’s often seen just puttering about his house, doing things like watering plants or making a bowl of cereal, but always with his goofy sense of humor and one of his now-famous catchphrases attached to the activity somehow. He periodically goes on adventures, like the time that he went out on his Jet-ski a little too late in the afternoon and nearly got lost at sea as the sun was setting, or when he got into an accident in his Ferrari while in the middle of Snapchatting. But the appeal seems to be mostly driven by his personality, which enables him to get millions of views doing nothing more than shooting a bowl of apples in his house and attaching one of his now-famous captions to it.

What makes Khaled’s Snapchat work initially seems to be antithetical to traditional marketing, because it’s genuine and spontaneous almost to a fault. There really doesn’t appear to be anything planned out about this or any major overarching branding strategy here; Khaled just hits the record button when he feels like it and is Khaled for about 10 seconds. The chances of a business inorganically replicating a phenomenon like this is very, very small. But that doesn’t mean businesses aren’t seeing serious benefit from the phenomenon; just ask startup sandal company iSlide, who saw their sales increase hundreds of times over when Khaled took a shine to their product and started gifting their sandals to his celebrity friends. Brands that can identify an up-and-comer with the same sort of appeal can potentially ride the rocket to similarly amazing increases in sales.

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