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Ashley is an up and coming social media super-star, and a really great person to know as she is a social butterfly who has connected with the top social media influencers on earth (including me!).

She is hard at work developing new apps and ways for young talented people to connect and find more work than ever before.

She also runs a social marketing startup agency of her own.

We sat down with Ashley to uncover why she thinks Snapchat IS the platform to use, and how she is using it to make great connections.

SCSMM: How did you first discover Snapchat?

My Snapchat obsession started with a Gary V podcast telling everybody that they MUST get on Snapchat just at the same time as I was launching my start up! it is become my primary choice for communication!

SCSMM: Why do you think Snapchat has taken off?

I think Snapchat has really played a strategic game at keeping things somewhat mysterious yet fun and interactive. The high-value content the creators are sharing keeps driving in new users which is led to it being the most used app next to Facebook. With the acquisition of several VR and AR technology companies I believe Snapchat has good cause were not selling to Facebook for that original $4 billion offer and will be a leader in integrating mix reality is a common practice and he talked companies I believe Snapchat has good cause were not selling to Facebook for that original $4 billion offer and will be a leader in integrating mixed reality as a common practice in the future of the IOT.

SCSMM: What do you like to Snap about?

I Love to share my positivity and contagious enthusiasm for life in general, which includes my three children and my journey as an accidental entrepreneur building an ed tech start up; I snapped through the networking events I attend, tips and tricks on growth hacking and of course love Snapchat take overs! I like to have influencers in creators that have impacted or impression to be available to my audience and it was a created the first ever Snapchat movie called global snap swap which was a trip around the world, 30 countries in one day from the palm of your hand!

SCSMM: Why should everyone follow you on Snapchat and watch your stories every day?

There’s never a dull moment in my snap stories and I love to learn about people so I’m always responding and engaging to my viewers in hopes that I will be able to help them pursue their passions in life as well! I may not know everything and I don’t pretend to you but I do know how to get the conversation started!

SCSMM: What would you recommend someone do just starting out on Snapchat?

The first thing I would suggest is to import all your LinkedIn contacts and update your address book so that you can add all of the Snapchat users that you already know and then use sites like GhostCodes or Snaptee te and then use sites like GhostCodes or Snapdex to find people with common interest that you can follow up and start watching us store to find people with common interest that you can follow up and start watching stories… The key here though is to engage and interact with both your viewers and the stories you’re watching!

SCSMM: Have you ever been hired to represent a brand or product on Snapchat?

Yes I have run Snapchat campaigns for marketing agencies implementing new gaming products as well as video production company during the US Bank ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Minnesota Vikings stadium.

SCSMM: If so which ones and what was your experience like? is my travel blog. My videos, photography, and writings from my travels are all on there. I focus on the traveler that hasn’t left home yet but is day dreaming of going. I’m here to help nudge you in the direction of your dreams.

SCSMM: How do you develop your Snapchat stories? Are the spontaneous or do you plan them out?

Generally my stories are pretty spontaneous and just follow my day but when events are scheduled I like to let people know what’s coming up.

SCSMM: What else do you do? What is your day job / Business?

My day job is running my own company (which a lot of it is on Snapchat!) helping small businesses, Entrepreneurs, brick-and-mortar business owners and anybody else in my network learn how they too can leverage social media or social impact branding.

SCSMM: How do you think Snapchat has helped your life and business grow?

The value that I have personally received via Snapchat is priceless! The true relationships that I’ve made with people from around the world first off is absolutely amazing, and in regards to business has helped me grow from the ground up and I continually urge other business owners to utilize Snapchat.

SCSMM: How is the Snapchat community different from other social networks?

Snapchat is like email in the late 90s when everybody answered it was looking forward to that little ding going you’ve got mail! The fact alone that you can literally access almost anybody under 35 and have a response from them bridges the gap between celebrity status an actual human being . Snapchat is not a place for spamming people and the ability to find others and be found to be a struggle but with a little bit a effort the return is unbelievable!

SCSMM: Who are YOUR favorite influencers on SnapChat?

Gary Vaynerchuk of course, Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus, Chris Strub, Justin Wu, tien Wong, string story, Ginicanbreathe, the talented Mr. Salas, Erica Blair… The list goes on and on!!

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