The Funny Vegan Daddy | Joshua Diaz

funnyvegandaddy snapchat influencerA Vegan Dad named Joshua Diaz takes you on his hilarious and informative romp through his life as a Vegan and a father.

His stories are interactive and he loves helping other entrepreneurs get started on Snapchat.

We sat down with this Joshua Diaz to find out more about his life on Snapchat.

SCSMM:  How did you first discover Snapchat? 

I first discovered Snapchat in the beginning of 2015. I was on it, but not very active. I was under a username different than the one I use now.

SCSMM: Why do you think Snapchat has taken off?

I think the main reason Snapchat has taken off especially in 2016 is due to the updates they rolled out in the early spring. Before, Snapchat was this awesome platform to see live content. With the update you have the ability to connect with people via voice & live video. Snapchat allows you to watch who you want to watch when you want to watch them. It’s unique and I love it!

SCSMM: Why should everyone follow you on Snapchat and watch your stories every day?

My Snaps are truly creative and made in real time. I shoot scenes for my skit style stories and use music, drawings and emojis to make my story come to life. When you watch my stories you get to see art unfolding before you live. Most of my snap stories take an average of two hours. I spend a lot of time creating so you can enjoy a GREAT story.

SCSMM: What would you recommend someone do just starting out on Snapchat?

Always be yourself. Snap about the things you love and create the things that are interesting to you. Don’t try to be something/someone you aren’t your audience will see right through you. Also, don’t give up. I’ve had many ideas that didn’t turn out well or have made snaps where nobody participated. It happens. Learn what does and doesn’t work and keep moving on!

SCSMM: Have you ever been hired to represent a brand or product on Snapchat?

Yes, one Brand.

If so which ones?

I’ve done snap stories for a film review site and have helped them in their campaign to promote Snapchat t-shirts.

SCSMM: How do you develop your Snapchat stories? Are the spontaneous or do you plan them out?

Most of the time I have an idea about what I want my story to be like. Usually a topic or theme. I’ve only scripted my snaps once or twice. Most of the time it creates itself and ideas flow during the process and it comes to life. Most of the time people really love it, so I don’t try to script anymore.

SCSMM: What else do you do? What is your business?

I quit my job in May 2016 to pursue Snapchat full time. I create stories and am available to consult people and businesses on starting their Snapchat accounts and showing them how they can use it for their business.

SCSMM: Who are YOUR favorite influencers on SnapChat?

My favorite Snappers are @Alexthespeaker & @tschnabs. Alex inspires me and he’s so smart. Tyler creates Snap stories like I do and I love seeing his creativity.

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