OperAmericano | The Sweetest Young Woman On Snapchat

operamericano Snapchat Viral Super StarIt’s like a bowl of ice cream, you favorite Disney movie, and hanging out with your best friend all wrapped into one when you watch OperAmericano’s Snapchat Story.

This extremely talented woman gets her audience INVOLVED in her stories with “What’s That Tune Tuesday” and the adventures of Claus a puffy cloud character she invented.

Drawing, singing, you name it and this talented Snapchat sensation can take your brand to the next level. Having already worked with Walmart, Disney, Coca-Cola, her goals are to represent Starbucks where she used to WORK. I can see Starbucks putting her snapcode on their cups. PERMANENTLY!

We sat down with this pretty, talented, wise, and most of all GENUINE young woman to talk about how Snapchat has changed her life.

SCSMM: What do you like to Snapchat About?

Adventure, art, my favorite fandoms (I.e.Disney, Doctor Who, Marvel, Nintendo, etc), acts of kindness, anything happy and exciting that will hopefully  make a viewer’s day better!

SCSMM: What would I recommend to someone just starting on Snapchat?

Find your brand and stick with it, stay consistent, and be yourself! That’s the most important thing cause people can tell when you’re not genuine.

SCSMM: Have I ever represented a brand on Snapchat?

Yes loads! My favorites have been Disney, Apple, Coca-Cola, ABC, FOX, Pandora Radio, and Walmart. I had a lot of fun coming up with concepts and executing the projects!

SCSMM: How do I develop my stories?

I usually have a general idea of what I want to snap about and then just go with it. Very occasionally I’ll script it.

SCSMM: What are my favorite influencers on Snapchat?

So many amazing talented and creative people,it’s hard to choose! But my absolute favorites would have to be:
ItBoyMatt (Matt Cutshall)

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