rabbitpukeSCSMM: How did you first discover Snapchat?

I first started using snapchat because I manage social media for companies, authors, and brands. I wanted to see what it was all about ­ and I fell in LOVE!

SCSMM: Why do you think Snapchat has taken off?

I believe it has taken off because it is a way to be yourself and discover other people doing similar things. For years I would get on a train to go take classes in NYC or go visit my friends in DC that were into graphic design and websites ­ Now all I have to do is tap on Snapchat and I can listen to so many people, just like me, talk about their favorite apps & how they started their companies. Some people even give links to free classes or podcasts on their snapchats. It amazes me the amount of information you can learn on snapchat. I love how everyone is sharing their knowledge with each other.

SCSMM: What do you like to Snap about?

I love two things ­

  1. You can totally find your own little tribe of people on Snapchat. What I mean is if you’re into Tech, Comedy, Family Life, whatever it may be there is a group of people out there on Snapchat waiting to be met! (how else better to find them than Ghostcodes! but you already knew that!
  2. I love the people! I love getting to see/meet all different types of people from all over the world. I love everyone sharing information with each other and truly being themselves, it’s so cool to watch every day.

SCSMM: Why should everyone follow you on Snapchat and watch your stories every day?

My friends would tell you to follow me because I am always being a little wacky, making fun of things, and adding a little nonsense to your day. I also like to snap about tech tips and hacks to make your life easier. HMMMMM, why else, if you like tattoos, puppies and solo dance parties then I’m your girl!

SCSMM: What would you recommend someone do just starting out on Snapchat?

Just be yourself. Join Ghostcodes or Snapdex and find some fun people to follow and start interacting with everyone. Just have fun with it! You can talk about anything, your day, your dogs, your rabbit’s puke (see what I did there), whatever!

SCSMM: Have you ever been hired to represent a brand or product on Snapchat?

I have not, but if the time ever comes I will be ready to………wait what was my line?

SCSMM: How do you develop your Snapchat stories? Are the spontaneous or do you plan them out?

Mostly spontaneous, except for when I am snapping about Tech tips, hacks or apps. I like to plan those out a little bit.

SCSMM: What else do you do? What is your business?

I run a company called The Helpful Rabbit. We are a branding/ graphic / web / social media company.

SCSMM: How do you think Snapchat has helped your life and business grow.

Snapchat is helping my business grow because I have been meeting and networking with more people. I have also been learning a ton ­ I think that’s the biggest thing that people don’t understand about Snapchat, it’s potential to allow you to learn knew things.

SCSMM: Who are YOUR favorite influencers on Snapchat?

I am always discovering new people every day, but right now my favorite influencers are Piiinky, Stringstory, Barryharris, Taylor.nikolai, and MPLATCO

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