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Luke GoodallryanrapzTwo amazing talents are working together to create Snapchat stories that are funny, musical, and entertaining.

How about this, A FULL MUSIC VIDEO premiering ON SNAPCHAT?

Yes, it CAN be done and these guys did it. We sat down with Ryan Raps And Luke Goodall to ask how they use Snapchat to marketing their talents.

SCSMM: How did you first discover Snapchat?

RyanRaps: Break room at work, back in 2011. Some girl mentioned ‘secret sexting app’ and the rest is history…

SCSMM: Why do you think Snapchat has taken off?

lukegoodall: It’s more personal and raw than other social media too and the stories feature introduced us to a new and engaging way of filmmaking that people have really responded to.

RyanRaps: The Youth! Snapchat is urgent, and limited edition. Here today, gone tomorrow. Everything is more important and special when it’s based around that. This is a platform parents, or massive corporations can’t just take over. It has it’s own secret language you have to learn first, and you have to keep up to be relevant. The youth do that naturally.

SCSMM: What do you like to Snap about?

lukegoodall: I love micro vlogging on Snapchat and creating a story on the fly. You’ll often you’ll see me snapping from film shoot I’m on, the writing process before hand and being completely stressed out in the editing room. I love showing fans the complete package and how it all comes together.

RyanRaps:  I try to think of my snap story as a vlog, but with quick, sharp stories and punchlines. I also like to make it as personal as a text message. So if that means showing everyone what I’ve recorded today, or rehearsing a new song – then I do that. I’d send the exact same thing to my producer anyway. You can’t really go wrong when involving your fans.

Something else I’ve been dabbling in is doing ‘mini-documentaries’ e.g the making of my last album, just talking about each song track by track, explaining the artwork etc. I’ve also done an album review which was also mixed with my reactions as well, and that seemed to get some great feedback.

SCSMM: Why should everyone follow you on Snapchat and watch your stories every day?

lukegoodall: Because I’ll follow you back 😉 Nah I’m kidding. I’m a filmmaker so naturally I try to turn everything in my day into a story. Recently I created and released a music video entirely on Snapchat, I am always trying to challenge myself to come up with innovative ways to engage with an audience. Come watch me try and do that!

RyanRaps: In the past year I’ve started to realise a lot of fans don’t realise what goes into your art when you’re a one-man show. I try to bring them ‘behind the music’ as much as possible, it’s an absolute roller coaster.

SCSMM: What would you recommend someone do just starting out on Snapchat?

RyanRaps: Part of Snapchats charm is that it allows your personality to be your ‘brand’. Sounds corny, but it’s true. Look at the rise in popularity in DJ Khaled on Snapchat. That’s his personality, and he’s that 110% of the time. As cliche as it sounds, just be yourself. But it’s alot harder when theres a camera on you, so the more you do the more natural you become.

lukegoodall: Watch others Snaps and take note of what is engaging to you and what doesn’t work. Experiment with filters, text, drawings and emojis and try to make every Snap as creative as you can.

SCSMM: Have you ever been hired to represent a brand or product on Snapchat

lukegoodall: I write and star in a web series sketch show called Goodall & Gallagher and we will be doing a Snapchat takeover of the Melbourne Web Fest account soon, Cannot wait.

RyanRaps: No, but Jordan Brand if you’re reading this we’re all ears 😛

SCSMM: How do you develop your snapchat stories? Are the spontaneous or do you plan them out?

lukegoodall: We had a well thought out plan for the Snapchat music video but as we continued to experiment with the technology and find new ways to shoot a shot we ended up going with the flow and that worked out really well for us.

RyanRaps: I’m guilty of planning them out every now and then. Such as an album review, or a long ‘vlog-type’ story. But I also think the spontaniety also adds to Snapchats charm. Sometimes if there’s a blooper I leave it in on purpose.

SCSMM: What else do you do? What is your business?

lukegoodall: I have a web series sketch show on Facebook called Goodall & Gallagher ( and it’s probably worth putting a link to our Snapchat music video here too:

It’ll be going back on Ryan’s Snapstory soon too so more people can watch it how we intended.

RyanRaps: I’m an independent Hip-Hop/Rap musician from Melbourne, Australia. I’m self funded by my fans using patreon ( and my second passion is social media. Most of the time, I try to fuse the two.

SCSMM: How do you think Snapchat has helped your life and business grow?

RyanRaps: Prior to our ‘Snapchat Music Video’ we’d always released music videos using YouTube or Facebook. As soon as we released this video it was easy to see we were onto something here, the response was immediate. Uploading the video to Facebook for everyone to see only cemented that.

SCSMM: Who are YOUR favorite influencers on SnapChat?

lukegoodall: Shonduras, Liza Koshy & ocarinaoftime32


BobbyHundreds – Co Creator of streetwear brand ‘The Hundreds’. Has amazing insight into Social Media.

NBA – Easily the most forward-thinking and advanced professional sports league in terms of social media.

Kylie Jenner – They don’t call her King Kylie for no reason

DJKhaled305 – Another One.

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