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snapchat influencer string storyI fell in love with this quirky geeky Snapchat influencer right away because of her tenacity for teaching business on Snapchat.

From launching her own E-Book and almost immediately MONETIZING her Snapchat following, to launching the best online course for Snapchat I have ever seen, string is always on the move teaching us how to do our business BETTER with every new snap story.

Since String is in Australia, she always begins with the clever “its string from the future” because most watching her in the US and Europe are seeing her SnapStory today when to her it is already tomorrow. And a true futurist she is at that!

We sat down with String to ask her why she thinks Snapchat works for business, and what to expect in the future.

SCSMM: How did you first discover Snapchat?

From Darrell (ThunderHawk303) himself 😀 (we know this is not true, String, but very nice of you to say!

SCSMM: Why do you think Snapchat has taken off?

Three things: mobile + data + video = Snapchat
Snapchat combines 3 technology together to create a humanising experience, it’s fun and raw.

SCSMM: What do you like to Snap about?

I’m a curious geek of the future, I have a Snap channel that explores the trends of tech and social. While I occasional throw in my trials and tribulations of running a business. I also talk and eat fried chicken a lot.

SCSMM: Why should everyone follow you on Snapchat and watch your stories every day?

Did I mention I’m a curious geek of the future that loves fried chicken?

SCSMM: What would you recommend someone do who is just starting out on Snapchat?

Join my Snapchat course, it will help them get from zero to hero.

SCSMM: Have you ever been hired to represent a brand or product on Snapchat?

Yes. My shows have been sponsored, and I have also been hired by marketing agencies to teach them how to do snaps.

SCSMM: If so which ones and what was your experience like?

I approached them, I send them a simple and clear pitch deck that showed them my engaged and active audience, and how we can mutually benefit.
Startups tend to love me because my tech geek side and how approachable I am with the way I deliver geek’tech based knowledge.

SCSMM: How do you develop your Snapchat stories? Are the spontaneous or do you plan them out?

I’m both. But when i do my shows about the latest technology, I plan it out.
When it’s low key days, it’s just me dancing around.

SCSMM: What else do you do? What is your day job / Business?

Snapchat is my job. LOL
Well, it’s part of it, I’m a digital and Millennial consultant for brands and personalities.

SCSMM: How do you think Snapchat has helped your life and business grow?

Snapchat from a network perspective has been amazing. I’m in Australia and I’ve connected with people and influencers from around the world. Now, if I head to America or to Tel Aviv, I know I have someone there waiting to geek out with me.

SCSMM: How is the Snapchat community different from other social networks?

Truthfully, I’ve been with so many communities, I feel like they have a similar thoughts with this ideology “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

SCSMM: Who are YOUR favorite influencers on SnapChat?

Mark Suster (@msuster) because he makes me think on how to be an effective business person.

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