Snapchat leading Influencer Shonduras spoke last week at Snaphappen, the world’s first global Snapchat conference, and awards.

Shonduras has risen to the top of the pack as a Snapchat influencer because of his massive creativity using the Snapchat platform.

From creating a video game to crazy off road adventures to bouncing in to foam to, well you name it, Shonduras has been approached by many brands to promote their services.

Recently he was given a trip to Hawaii to work with Red Bull.

As he points out though, sometimes he has to tell a brand or product NO to their idea to using his talents to promote a product or service to his massive Snapchat audience.


Because Shonduras insists that any promotion he does has to fit in with his Snapstory life and weave smoothly into her persona.

To promote a windex or window cleaning product, as he suggests, he would load the product into squirt guns and have a water fight.

He won’t just magically appear with your product in the background as his audience will immediately suspect that something is out of place.

You see, to work with a Snapchat influencer who has his own style and audience, your brand must move to match HIS style and his creativity.

What most Snapchat influencers want is for a brand to simply let THEM develop the Snapchat story around their brand or product.

This new social platform is driven by talented young people who are working EVERY DAY to be creative and bring their fans something NEW and FUN every single day.

That is a LOT of work.

As Shonduras pointed out, he would work with a Snapchat influencer who only has 10k views per snap (and YES folks, on Snapchat we can SEE not only how many people watch our snaps, but exactly WHO they are!) if that influencer has a style and a creativity similar to his.

So, if you are a major brand interested in working with Shonduras or any other top influencer, don’t come to them with your brilliant idea for a Snapchat story. Make sure your brand understands and wants to attract the audience OF that influencer and let someone as Shonduras use HIS creativity to include your product or service in his story.

Most actors and actresses that star in TV commercials became famous because of roles they were hired to play, on Snapchat, talented people like Shonduras are creating their OWN persona, characters, scripts, and fully producing, editing, and creating effects for their OWN content.

They are working their tails off to create their own celebrity and influence. I personally stand inspired and awed by these talented young people, and if you want to work with them, you had better bring your creative A Game!

A video including live footage from Shoduras’ presentation at Snaphappen will be included in this blog shortly!