When you’re on Snapchat, you want to be sure you are doing as much as you can on it. This includes establishing a large following, posting content that people actually care about, and monetizing your following whenever you can.

There are some Snapchat tips below to help you out every step of the way.

Have Fun on Snapchat

When it comes down to it, you should be having fun on social media and Snapchat allows you to have a whole lot of fun. You can take a few days off from snapping because it comes down to posting engaging, high quality content.

Stand Out in your Snapchat Stories

Figure out a way to be different from what everyone else is doing, regardless of whether you are shooting from different locales or posting unusual content. A bonus tip is to use visual aids when you are really thinking outside of the box to help your followers gain some kind of point of reference.

Don’t Care about other’s reactions to your Snapchat Stories

One of the best tips is to not care that you are on Snapchat. Let people judge you because in the end, you’re going to have the last laugh. Go ahead and pull out your phone in a crowd of people and snap some photos to be able to post.

Be Consistent in your Snapchat story content

Once you have found your voice on Snapchat, be consistent with it all. You should also be sure that your content is consistently posted so people can be on the lookout for when they are going to see more of you.

Share Your Snapcode

That Snapcode of yours should be everywhere. The only way for people to follow you is with that code, so you might as well get it anywhere and everywhere you can think of. Once people learn that you are a consistent snapper and have great content, they are going to want to follow you – and tell other people about you as well.

Show Your Face. You are after all the hottest person you know on Snapchat!

Don’t be afraid to show your face because it shows that you are human. It’s a great way to make sure that your personality shines through all of the content. No one wants to follow a business, they want to follow a real person, so go ahead and show people what you look like.

Tell a Story and plan it out a bit.

Focus on a two to three minute story every time you decide to Snapchat. This is a storytellers platform, so treat it more like a vlog than a tweet. Don’t post random content because it’s not the platform for it. Instead, tell your audience a story through your snaps as that will help them to stay engaged – and follow any call to actions that you may throw in there from time to time.

Follow Others on Snapchat

The reality is that there are always going to be more influential people than you on Snapchat and these are the people you should be searching for and following. Go ahead and see what kind of content they are posting and take cues from it. Don’t copy it of course, but put your own spin on it.

Move Around…But Not Too Much

Finally, you want to move your camera around to be able to get some different angles from time to time. This will ensure you are never too boring. Think about bending your wrist to get a cool new angle when you’re at a fun location. If you’re going for video, though, be sure to stop when you’re talking so you’re not getting your viewers dizzy.

Have fun with Snapchat and be sure you have a definitive voice so you can let your brand shine and gain followers.

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