What Snapchatters need to do to monetize their following

So, you’ve finally done it. You got onto Snapchat, and through a combination of dogged determination, an eye for detail, and being entertaining as hell, you’ve managed to put together a following. Maybe it’s a few thousand followers, or tens of thousands of them, but you want to take that following and turn it into an income stream. That’s easier said than done, since Snapchat as a social media platform isn’t geared toward making its users money. That doesn’t mean you can’t monetize it… you simply have to get creative with how you go about it.

What Snapchatters Need to do to Monetize Their Following

It would be great if all you had to do was send your pics and videos to your followers, and get ad views every time someone looked at your content. That isn’t how Snapchat works, though, and that’s not what the platform is about. So, making money on Snapchat itself isn’t really an option. What you need to do is think of it as the megaphone you’re using to get the word out to your following.

The easiest way to monetize your following, then, is to direct them toward another location where you do make money off your traffic. For example, say you have a YouTube channel. If you come out with a new video every week, you could take a sample of that video, and shoot it out to your Snapchat following. If they see it, and are intrigued, they might also follow you on YouTube. Even if they don’t follow, viewers who click-through will still give you traffic, and that will mean more ad revenue for you.

Perhaps you don’t have something like a blog or a video channel that makes you money, though. You’ve put all your effort into Snapchat, and that’s why you have a following. Well, you still have options for monetizing it.

For example, you could start a Patreon. Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows people to become patrons of creators they like, just like in the old days. The difference is that, with Patreon, someone can give as much or as little as they can afford. So, for example, you might declare that every Friday’s video post is a paid post, while all your other posts are free. You would then ask your following to please fund and support you so you can keep shooting the pics and videos that they’ve come to expect from you.

Are There Other Solutions?

If you have a following, no matter what platform it’s on, there’s a way to monetize it. The question is what you’re willing to do, and how creative you’re willing to get, when it comes to your efforts to turn a buck?

For example, if you have a truly large following, you might be able to get a sponsor. A sponsor will pay you to create content that mentions them, because they know your audience will see your content, and that they trust you. By giving your recommendation, the sponsor buys good will from your following. The hope is that the good will may lead to purchases in the future. If you sell a product, whether it’s books, makeup, or something else entirely, you can leverage your Snapchat following by sending them short-term discounts, and giving them special offers so they’re more likely to buy from you, and to buy quickly.

There are all kinds of ways you can make money from a Snapchat following. Just remember not to lose sight of how you developed that following in the first place, and what they expect of you. For more information on how to monetize your Snapchat, simply contact us today!