Snapchat is a great social media tool, and you can also use it to monetize your followers. After all, you have worked hard to get the following that you have. You might as well put it to good use, though there are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

In this blog we are assuming that you run some sort of online business, and these tips are meant to bring your Snapchat followers to the world of your Inbound Marketing landing pages.

In another article we will discuss those Snapchat personalities whose sole business IS their Snapchat stories.

Share Your Link In Your Snapchat Stories

Sharing your link while snapchatting is a great way to monetize your following. This is not something that you want to do all the time because you don’t want to push your website down people’s throats. However, the only way for people to visit your site is if they know what the URL is. Drop it from time to time so people know how to continue to follow you.

You can share the link of your website or provide a description of the product or service that you offer. As to how often you do it, it all depends on the amount of snapchatting that you do. If you send 10+ snapchats a day, maybe do it once a day. Just be sure that you are focusing more on building your following than selling your product, otherwise you will lose the followers you worked so hard to get.

If you get tired of sharing the same link, remember you can always share expiring discounts and promote any of your affiliates.

Send an Invitation To Your Newsletter

It can be frustrating to use social media, including Snapchat, where you cannot always get people’s contact information. You can rectify this by sending them an invitation to your newsletter. Go ahead and drop the link where they can sign up by using Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or any other subscriber tool that you use. This way, you are sending them away from Snapchat and to your newsletter, at least temporarily.

You can then capture their information and stay in touch with them on a more frequent basis through your newsletters. It is within your newsletters that you can then begin to monetize a little bit more effectively. This should be done periodically so that you can continue to get your current followers into your newsletter – and sharing benefits as to why people should do this won’t hurt, either.

Market within your Snapchat Videos and Stories

You’re posting photos and videos of all that’s going on with your life. Since your business is part of what’s going on, there’s no reason not to share that with people, too. Take a photo of a product that you have available or take a video of a service that you offer. Then, casually scan to a business card or banner where there’s more information. This allows those who are interested in what you have to know exactly where they can go in order to get more information.

Post Your Snapcode in your Snapchat Story

Be sure to post your Snapcode everywhere you can think of, too. This will allow you to get a constant flow of new followers so you can be sure to continuously monetize. The code can be placed in all of your other social media platforms. People you meet in real life can take a photo of your code in the here and now to follow you as well. This means you can go ahead and include your code on flyers and anything that you do offline.

It all comes down to being creative. Once you have some followers, figure out ways to get them to follow a call to action. Just be sure never to stop producing engaging content that caters to your audience.


Ask A Question And Have Your Followers “Snap You Back”

The most powerful tool in any inbound, content and social media marketing is to ASK a question. Marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations that lead to relationships, and some of those relationships lead to sales.

Simply saying, “If you have questions about this Snap me back” will allow people following you to hit the chat text at the bottom of your snap and respond with a chat message. Then, you can continue the conversation and hopefully form and new relationship and hopefully a sale.

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