So, your business finally decided to join the bandwagon, and get onto Snapchat. You’ve been at it for a while now, and you’ve managed to get a bit of a following. You show your products, give live updates while you’re at trade shows, and you let people know whenever something odd or unusual happens at the office. That time a cat wandered in and waited for service? Solid gold. Your manager showing up dressed as a zombie when it wasn’t Halloween? A solid silver. If you’re starting to run out of content ideas, or you just aren’t getting the same flare that you used to, then you might want to consider looking into bitmoji to add a little flavor to your schedule.

What is a Bitmoji?

What is a bitmoji? Well, it’s an app that lets you create a personalized avatar of yourself (or anyone else at your office) that you can include in your snaps. It’s a lot like turning yourself into a mascot, or a comic book. You can then include this avatar in your snaps, shooting it out to your followers as a way to get a quick laugh, or if you want to make your avatar the ambassador of a particular kind of snap.

For example, say that every Friday you sent out promo codes to your followers. Instead of an accompanying picture of the intern, use a bitmoji. This immediately identifies the kind of content your viewers are seeing, and it differentiates it noticeably from other sorts of content you post. Which is not to say that if you’re using bitmoji that you should only limit it to one kind of post, but if you’re looking for a way to differentiate one kind of snap from another, that’s a good way to do it.

How to Use Bitmoji to Add to Your Snaps

The key when using bitmoji with your snaps is to be sure that you aren’t just sending the same image over and over again. Just like if you took the same picture, in the same post, with the same expression, your followers would get bored. So, while you might have a favorite shot of your avatar, it’s important to change it up.

What does that mean? Well, you need to have different shots, different poses, different accessories, and different backgrounds. It might take some time and work to come up with just the right image (and a clever tag to make any of your jokes really pop), but the end result is that you’ll get more attention from your audience. Novelty is always welcome, and as long as you keep your content fresh with bitmoji, instead of letting it go stale by relying on the app to fill in the cracks in your snap schedule, you’re likely to see some really positive results from its use.

Don’t Use Them Too Often

If you’ve built your audience with product demonstrations, and your own, unique imagery, then that’s what your followers are tuning in to see. While adding bitmoji to your posts on occasion can spice things up, remember that it is a spice. A little bit of salt in a dish can make it better, but too much can make it unappetizing. So make sure you find the right balance, because it’s better to have too little of a spice than too much. You can always add more, if it turns out you need to.

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